Pole Shifting Friday - episode 3

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Next Show

On April 23rd we will visit the studios of Omroep Zuidplas to play some tunes.
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Time for some radio acoustics!

On Saturday morning, January 26th, we played two songs at Nrcv's radio2 'Music Matters', hosted by Sander Guis. No electronic noisemaking here, only acoustic stuff like ukelele and percussion. Check it out!

Positive Particle Engine

Our Positive Particle Engine is always scanning the galaxy for interesting noises from everywhere... Do You have something to say? Tell it to the PPE! Now you can join our show with your voice, lyrics, poems, comments or music. How? Just click on the picture of Frosty and his engine, upload your stuff into the PPE, tell us which show you're gonna visit and be there with your ears wide open..!

Pole Shift Survival Group Positive Particle Engine


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